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Emotional Healing

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by circumstances?
  • Is your life spinning out of control?
  • Are you feeling out of balance with yourself?
  • Do you feel a lot of doubt about what choices to make?
  • Are you afraid of stepping into your power and/or even confused about how to do that?

We are living in a time right now where we are being asked to "step up to the plate" and take inspired action. The time for delay is over. Many people who feel distraught, upset, out of sorts, or in fear are the ones who know at some level they have delayed and avoided "taking charge of one's life" for years.

How would your life look and feel differently if you had someone you trusted to assist you in feeling safe, secure, strong and powerful enough to make those changes your heart, soul and Inner Guidance is asking (or by now demanding) you to make?

All the times we have not allowed ourselves to express an emotion, whether good or bad, has an effect on the body. It buries itself in our tissues and organs and can eventually cause physical problems.

The Sacred Healing process works on releasing emotional trauma, physical trauma and spiritual blocks. The goal is always to remove all the blocks, beliefs, programs and other "stuff " you have taken on that keeps you from being the Light that you are in the world with ease and joy and grace.

What you are left with then is your own true Self. You become clear and at choice to move forward with your life. Now imagine how your life manifests differently when you have your own courage, inner power and beauty leading your way, and making your life choices from your heart and soul rather than monkey-mind.

Testimonial: "You really moved mountains of energy in my body yesterday. I feel so much lighter. A lot of fear got released and that feels wonderful to me. I am feeling more optimistic".
E.L., Inverness, CA