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Environmental Energy Clearing

  • Do you feel uncomfortable in your own home or office?
  • Did you know that negative energy where you live can affect health and relationships?
  • Does your work or living environment feel heavy or strange?
  • Do you sometimes get unexplained feelings of fear or anxiety while in your home?
  • Do you sense people or things in your home that "aren't really there"?
  • Do you or others experience emotional shifts in certain areas of your home or office?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions then your home or business will definitely benefit from an energy clearing. The work we do is more evolved and comprehensive than any other form of energy clearing available today. We combine ancient and advanced technologies to create a synergistic positive result. A free consultation is always available prior to setting up an appointment.

A Sacred Healing Energy Clearing involves releasing all old energies from the property including those in the building materials and earth underneath the property. We clear the emotional, mental, and psychic energies that have been implanted by those current and past occupants of the property. And much more. Before we leave a site we establish several forms of protection and blessing for the property and the inhabitants.

When the energy in a work place is clear and open, productivity increases. Relationships tend to improve. Houses for sale sell faster. Businesses tend to be more successful.