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Physical Healing

  • Are you in physical pain?
  • Do you feel run down and discouraged about your health?
  • Is the doctor telling you surgery is the only answer?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness?
  • Do you have a long term physical challenge that persists in spite of many attempts to heal it?

Many aches, pains and symptoms have root causes that are not addressed by modern medicine and therefore allopathic medicine, surgery and drugs sometimes make very little long term difference or only hide the problem. The root cause may be an energy imprint from an old injury long forgotten or there may be an emotional, mental or spiritual issue creating a physical response.  The type of intuitive healing done by Will Scott goes beyond the symptoms to the original cause and therefore makes a difference in many areas of your life.

Will has had many clients come to him who were told only surgery would help their back or neck condition. After the Sacred Healing therapy none of them have needed that surgery. Chronic and life-threatening dis-eases also respond well to this unique therapy that works on all levels of your physical, mental and spiritual beingness. When you can address and shift the root cause of a problem the whole responds and mobilizes itself toward healing.

Testimonial: "I am so grateful I was sent to you. I was told there was no option other than fusing my entire spine because of deteriorating disc disease, and even that would not get rid of all the pain. By the third session with you I was free of pain and had my mobility back. It is now five years later and I am in better shape than ever! Thank you."
T.M., Danville, CA