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Spiritual Healing

  • Do you feel lost? Or confused?
  • Are you afraid of the "reality" you perceive?
  • Are you unsure if what is happening is physical, mental, or spiritual?
  • Do you feel your emotions are on "high alert" a lot of the time?

We are now in what I believe is the most exciting time for humanity. Because of the increased vibrations of energy permeating the planet there are many subtle and not-so-subtle shifts occurring energetically, psychically, organically (on a DNA level), and in every other way conceivable to all living organisms.

We humans are being compelled to release all our old programming and step into new realms of being, understanding and spirituality as never before. This is causing internal upheaval with many people. It can show up in daily life as confusion, dismay, misplaced anger, physical symptoms, loss of friendships, emotionally disconnected and more. What used to work to keep us "safe" isn't providing the same result. And there often doesn't seem to be a simple, clear sense of how the new pattern of being wishes to show up in our lives.

Sacred Healing releases the old implanted programs, beliefs and habits and that opens the door for you to receive the new information. You are able to shift into new dimensions of being more easily.

Testimonial: "I am writing to you to "Thank You" again for the help you gave me yesterday. I have been on this path for a long, long time searching for my True Self and have not had much success. I have been a Roman Catholic, an agnostic, and an atheist. I have been a devotee of Hindu Shivaism, Tibetan Buddhism and Native American Shamanism. I have studied Western astrology, Vedic astrology, numerology and the tarot. I have meditated and prayed. I even pursued and obtained a Masters of Arts Degree in Counseling. I enjoyed myself and obtained much knowledge, but never did I feel that any kind of internal, spiritual or emotional transformation took place. Yesterday, though, being with you and your kind, skillful facilitation changed that for me. I have finally had my first break-through. Thank you a million times."
P. M., Calistoga, CA

Testimonial: "Will Scott, dear one, I am awakening each day more and more, it is a very beautiful process. While I was in your care I experienced a profound quantum leap activating my Merkaba/ Icosadodceahedron light body for the pure life healing of not just myself, but all goddess energy everywhere in all universes. For this I feel unlimited gratitude and trusting surrender in your hands and work. And thank you for assisting the growth of my pineal gland, for assistance with much needed spiritual centering and beyond. I am happy to be on this path and grateful to have found a guide in you on this plane. Tonight, I foresee, I will experience directly through my inner world dreams my spirit guides and goddess', for this is the most heightened my sensitivity to my Self I have felt".
M.G., Napa, CA